While people carrying microorganisms are moving from area A  (Biological insecure zone) to area B (Biological safe zone), the system  eliminates the harmful bacteria by disinfection and removal before they  reach point B. With diferent module application options, our systems  are modernized in order to make your living areas healthier.
For the people entering the areas that need hygienic working conditions such as food production facilities, medical campuses, and laboratories, this system is used for thedisinfection of the following:


•It is made of steel plates with electrostatic painting. It does not containbacteria.


• Hand disinfection is applied through a double-entrance spray sensorsystem.


•A turnstile system that does not allow passing before the disinfection process  is completed is available. The operation direction, entrance and exit, can be  changed and it can be set to allow passing in case ofemergency.


•Thanks to protective barriers, passing from the sides without being disinfected  is not allowed.


• Non-harmful disinfectant must be used.


•Horizontal foot cleaning brushes are available. Brushes automatically activate  with sensors.


• Brushes are easy to remove and install.


• It has a modular design.


•There is an electrical installation in accordance with IP65 class (solid and liquid  protection).


Whole Body

Bottom of Shoes





  • Technical Specifications

    • Width (W): 1200 mm

    • Length (L): 1500 mm

    • Height (H):  2100 mm

    • Voltage (V):  380V or 220V

  • Advantages oftheProduct

    •Maximum hygiene is achieved with the disinfection of hands and  shoe bottoms at the entrances of the facilities.

    •Advanced results are obtained in ghting and preventing epidemic  diseases.

    •It is developed with advanced technology and provides hygiene in  accordance with the required quality standards and analyzes. 

  • Advantages of theModularDesign

    •E conomical application is provided by easily creating ergonomically  designed lines with multi-functional various modules.

    • It is ergonomic andlight,

    •It is easy to disassemble. It can easily be passed through narrow  places and re-mounted.